We Will Hear Your Cry: Intro to Critical Reading and Writing



Welcome: We Will Hear Your Cry: Intro to Critical Reading and Writing
Description: This website is specifically designed to help you begin the difficult task of critical reading. Using Mildred Taylor's <I>Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry</i>, we are going to learn together the skills that will help you all to become advanced and capable readers! Some of these skills include... <b> -Recognizing tone -Establishing setting and its purpose within the story's context -Recognizing and understanding the difference in the 5 types of point of view -Recognizing and understanding the types of characterization -Recognizing and understanding the types of conflict -Recognizing and understanding fact and opinion </b> At the end of the novel, you will all be preparing a cultural response piece in the form of a newspaper article. Taking what you know about critical reading and the lives of African-Americans in the early twentieth century, you will create a newspaper article that could have been written in 1940s-era Mississippi. <center><b><banner>Do not worry! This site is here to help you along the way!</center></b></banner>
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: Critical reading, Tone, Setting, Characterization, Point of View, Fact, Opinion, Print Media, Cultural response
Author(s): Nikkie Aube

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