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This WebQuest is designed to expose the student to a variety of activities available to them to create an interesting fitness program to use throughout their life.  By having the students explore what constitutes fitness, how to achieve it and what activities benefit those areas, we open the door for the student to make decisions about fitness that is appropriate for them.  By keeping a notebook on this information, they have guidelines to follow,  and can refer to these notes at anytime in their life.  Allow the student to investigate as many varieties of  fitness activities as they can find because there are many, and what appeals to one may not appeal to another.
I believe this WebQuest is best done individually, but as the teacher, you may want to make it a group activity by dividing up the research  into groups.  I have provided all the resources necessary to answer all the students questions, but they should be willing to look outside these resources for additional knowledge. Perhaps they may want to  participate in specific activities to gain perspective on it and offer feedback to the other classmates.

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