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Explore the links in Resources to provide you with a foundation to make informative decisions and find guides, charts, formulas and more.  These should offer you all the information you will need, but feel free to explore other web site locations to broaden your experience.

Keep the information you find that is important to you in your notebook.  Your research should include:
1.  What the 5 Components of fitness are.  Describe each component.
2.  List different activities and exercises that address each component.  Give a minimum of 4 each.
3.  What does F.I.T.T. stand for?
4.  Describe each element in F.I.T.T.
5.  How to take your pulse and determine your resting heart rate and target heart rate.
6.  Include pictures and/or graphics, web sites you may want to explore again.
7.  Locate charts to record your activities, goals, and progress.
8.  Include information on the Food Pyramid, diet and nutrition, healthy eating habits.  May include pictures of food groups.  You may use magazines also.
9.  Discuss how diet and exercise affect obesity and associated diseases like diabetes, high Blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol.  Explore how stress can affect you.
10..Create a poster to display in class that is informative, colorful, and creative.  Define the 5 components of fitness including pictures of activities addressing each area.  Include pictures of healthy foods.
11.  Design your fitness program.  What activities do you plan to participate in to keep you interested and motivated? Will cost be factor or can you come up with ways to get fit for free?  How many days per week will you participate, how long will you workout per day, will you have variety in your program, and does it address each fitness component?
12.  Complete the Life Expectancy Calculator.

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