Valley Nisenan People of California



Welcome: Valley Nisenan People of California
Description: Students will be able to identify California Native Indians in the Valley Nisenan Tribe and many aspects of their life. They will gain the knowledge of housing, food, clothing, hunting/gathering and more.
Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: California, Native, Indians, Indian Hut, Hunting, Gathering, Valley Nisenan people
Author(s): Joelle Freitas


Web Link

Web Link
  • Navada City Rancheria
    Description: This site gives information on current and past information on the tribe and its history with others.

Web Link
  • Sacramento Nature Center
    Description: This nature center allows your class to go on an all day field trip to explore the Nisenan Maidu Village and how the people lived, ate, played games and so forth.

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