Valley Nisenan People of California



You will be graded on how much information (facts) you bring back to class. If you do a written report, it will also be graded on Grammar and proper punctuation so dot those i's and cross your t's!
Also you will have a quiz to assess your knowledge and see if you put all this information in your brain as well as on paper (I am sure it is in your brain but quizzes are fun!).  See the Rubric below to know how your findings and quiz will be graded.


# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Students will collect enough data to have an understanding of the Nisenan Indians Student had barely any data on the Nisenan Indians. Student had information that only covered one or two sections. Student had a good amount of information for sections Student had information from ten sections. %25
Student will give report that gives enough information supported by facts from sources. Paper or oral report only gives an opinion with no facts or evidence of their findings. Paper or oral report gives an opinion with one or two facts from sources to support their findings. Paper or oral report gives an opinion with three to five facts to support their findings. Paper gives an opinion with six or more pieces of evidences or facts to support their findings. %25
Students will use time effectively Student did not stay on task and did not complete whole assignment. Student had a lot of grammar and punctuation mistakes. Student had to be reminded more than twice to stay on task. Student did not check grammar or have proper punctuation Student stayed on task to complete assignment but did not check all of grammar or have proper punctuation. Student stayed on task and completed assignment on time. Proper grammar and punctuation. %25
Quiz One to three questions answered correctly. Four to six questions answered correctly. Seven to nine questions answered correctly. All answers correct. %25

Total Score: %100

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