Valley Nisenan People of California

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This website is about the California Nisenan Indians. This webquest will take approximately 5 days for oral presentation or  7 days to complete for report and give presentation .
Day 1 will be reading the lesson and answering any questions.
Day 2 Research websites and videos while taking notes
Day 3 Research Websites and Videos while taking notes
Day 4 Compare with another student on the same subject, start putting information together for presentation
Day 5 Finish writing or typing presentation. Start drawings. (If oral report put information on index cards).
Day 6 finish drawing pictures -
Day 7 Give Presentation


3rd Grade: Continuity and Change
Standard 3.1, 3.2


I would like to thank Linda Cassel for the opportunity to go on a fieldtrip to learn about the Nisenan Indians. Without the fieldtrip, I would have never known about the tribes existence.
I would also like to thank Mrs. Charlene Stone for giving me the opportunity to do this project to share my knowledge with others.

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