Valley Nisenan People of California



Your task is to write down detailed notes about the village, villagers and how they live.
The class needs to know as much information as you can write down.
I know you will be tired from hunting/gathering/cooking/playing/fishing and so forth but this task is important!

You will be reporting back to your class with a written or oral report so make sure you have tons of notes!

Research the California Nisenan Indians including information on 8 to 10 sections of these categories:

  • Location in California where they lived.
  • Climate and environment they lived in.
  • Clothing they wore and what they used to make it out of.
  • Houses/Huts how they were made and what they were made of.
  • Natural resources they used to live.
  • Arts and crafts they made to pass the time.
  • Food- how did they hunt? What did they hunt? How did they cook it?
  • Interesting facts you find along the way
  • Tools and/or Weapons they used for cooking, hunting and/or used for anything else.
  • Toys for young children. What were they? How did they make them? 
  • Language (choose at least four words, write California Nisenan Indian word, its translation, and illustrate)
  • How are the California Nisenan Indians remembered today.

If you can draw pictures of information that would be great fantastic!
Include if possible: Indians, houses, clothes, weapons, animals, food and whatever else you can think of.
The class only gets information from you!

Do not let the tribe know that you are not one of them.
You must get out alive and report back to your classmates.


Nisenan (Maidu) Buckeyes
Niesnan - Maidu People, Calfiornia
Bear Medicine. Miwok, Maidu, Nisenan Native Traditions

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  • Fact Cards for California Indians
    Description: This site tells about food, housing, language, clothing, tools, trade and more! Come check this site out it has so much information for you.

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Web Link

Web Link
  • Sacramento Nature Center
    Description: This site shows pictures of things you may need for your research. Keep reading and you may find some information as well!

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