Valley Nisenan People of California



1. You will start out by learning as much as you can about the California Nisenan Indians. Take a lot of notes!  Look at each website, pictures, and videos to get the information needed. Use the study guide list below to help guide you so you know what information to look for.  You may draw pictures of items. Please include your name on all work to include reports, note cards, and drawings.

2. After note taking: You may group with others in the class that are researching the same subject to compare notes and drawings. Write down anything you may have missed on your own. Don't forget to share your notes with others doing the same project.

3. Write or type a 2 page paper , double spaced, any font, with the information you found put on it in a nice order as listed below in the guide. Check for spelling and proper punctuation! Please include any pictures stapled to your paper

  Or you may do a 3 to 5 minute oral presentation in front of the class. If you choose to do an oral presentation please be prepared to answer questions from the class. You may use note cards during the presentation if needed. Please have any pictures you have drawn ready before presentation  The pictures will be put on the board as you do your presentation this way the class can see the pictures while you are speaking.

The more information you have, the better your grade will be!

                                                                               Study Guide

Name of Tribe? When were they around?

Where did they live? 

What climate and environment they lived in?  Was it wet and raining or hot and dry?

Did they wear clothing? If so describe what they wore and what they used to make it out of.

Describe the houses/huts.  How they were made and what they were made of.

What natural resources did they used to live. (Such as rocks, plants, animals, trees and so forth.)

Were any arts and crafts  made to pass the time. If so describe what they were made from and what they were used for.

HINT: If you find a place on the lesson or any sources where Nisenan is spelled wrong let me know and you will receive 10 points toward your total grade!


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