Macbeth: The Play and The Man



Welcome: Macbeth: The Play and The Man
Description: This WebQuest will help you in gaining a deeper understanding of William Shakespeare's play Macbeth as we cover the drama unit in class. This WebQuest consists of audio and video clips,as well as interactive presentation based on Shakespeare, the Globe Theater, and the play Macbeth. Upon completion you should be able to begin the unit with a deeper understanding and background knowledge about the play and author. This WebQuest is for Grades 11th and 12th.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: Shakespeare, Macbeth, High School level,The Globe Theater, audio, video, pre-reading
Author(s): Katharine Braggs


Extra Credit
Description: Read the article and answer the Extra Credit question
Extra Credit- Who was the real Macbeth?
Description: Who was the real Macbeth and how close does he resemble Shakespeare's character?

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