Macbeth: The Play and The Man

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As both students and teachers know, reading at least one Shakespeare play is inevitable.  Many students struggle with Shakespeare's language  making the work less enjoyable. This project is a way to take a common core recommended Shakespeare play and give students some front loaded knowledge prior to starting the unit. It is a way to engage students through videos, audio and interactive tours to help them learn about the man and times while enjoying themselves. 

This project should take approximately 1 to 2 (one to two class) periods including the readings and excerpts and viewing videos.  One day should be used for explaining what a webquest is for students who are unfamiliar with the components or the layout, and completing the tasks.   The rest of the time can be used to explain lab behavior expectations and what to do when the tasks are complete (turn in to teacher, print out complete handout, upload answers to homework website.)  Day 2 should be spent completing the tasks and turning in completed work.

Again, this course is made more specifically for grades 11th -12th. 


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  • The Common Core Booklist
    Description: This booklist shows Macbeth in the 11-12 grade category, along with other books that would be perfect for all secondary education levels.


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