Macbeth: The Play and The Man



Below is the evaluation rubric for this assignment. The WebQuest answers count for 100 points of the grade and the extra credit 20 points. The categories of how the grade is made up are explained below.


# Poor - 5 points Developing - 10 points Good - 15 points Fantastic - 20 points Score
Completing Tasks Only 1 of the 3 task completed and less than 1/2 of questions are answered Some of the Tasks (2 out of 3) tasks are completed with at least of 1/2 questions answered All tasks are completed with some of questions answered All tasks are completely and questions are answered _/50
Content of Answers Very little to none questions are answered. There is some information but most does not pertain to the question. There is no use of resources to support claims. Most information is clear and relevant with few to no grammar errors and properly cited supporting evidence (or citing has some errors). All information is clear and relevant to the question and in full sentence format. There are properly cited where needed. _/30
Grammar and Proper Word Usage Answers have numerous grammatical and structural errors, to the point that the message is unclear. Answers have a large amount grammatical and structural errors, but the message of the response is understandable. Answers have a few large word usage and/or grammatical errors, but the response is clear. Answers have few to no errors. The errors, if any, are small and do not affect the content of the response. _/20

Total Score: __/100

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