Vicious Volcanoes



There are five tasks below labelled 1 - 5. You should read each instruction carefully and then complete each. Find your resources link in the Process section.

You are required to:

1. Create a glossary in which you define the following terms in your own words. Include pictures where applicable.
    magma, lava, crust, mantle, shield volcanoes, cinder cone volcanoes, composite volcanoes, pumice, obsidian, active volcanoes

2. Using complete sentences, respond to the following questions.
     1. What and where is the most active volcano on planet Earth?
     2. What is a bomb in relation to a volcano?
     3. When is a volcanic eruption described as being the fiercest?
     4. Where do volcanoes happen?
     5. Why does lava destroy everything in its path?

3. Draw and label a diagram of a cinder cone volcano.

4. Create a haiku poem about volcanoes?

5. Compile a concise project to provide information to respond to the following.
    a) What is a volcano?
    b) What are the different stages of a volcano?
    c) Why do volcanoes erupt?
    d) What are the different types of volcanoes?
    e) What is a pycrolastic flow?
    f) Volcano safety tips 

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