Vicious Volcanoes

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This web quest is a lesson which
will be used to expose learners to facts about volcanoes. The web quest is an
effective tool that proves most instrumental in encouraging learners to utilize
technology in a positive way. It allows for monitoring of your learners’ usage
of technology as the teacher provides the links to which the learners should go
to source the needed information. It also allows for a step by step process as
each area builds on or is directly connected to the other. The activities in
this web quest should be completed within four (4) thirty minute sessions and
one (1) one hour session for the completion of the project. For these
activities to be effectively carried out there must be access to the internet
with a good signal.


National Standards Curriculum
Grade 6
Unit Title: Some Important Characteristics of Planet Earth
Focus Question: What are the physical characteristics of Planet Earth?
Attainment Targets:
1. Appreciate the importance of social studies concepts in organizing and interpreting knowledge and experience
2. Develop locational and descriptive skills relating to the physical environment

Students will:
1. Define and use correctly at least ten concepts relating to earthquakes after watching video
2. Respond to questions in sentences after exploring Power Point presentation in groups
3. Study diagram of volcano and as teams draw their own diagram of cinder cone volcano
4. Write a haiku poem about volcanoes using guide to writing haiku and information about volcanoes
5. Research and present information about volcanoes in groups


Reynolds, Phyllis et al 2008, Our World Environment, Carlong Publishers (Caribbean Limited), Jamaica








When creating a web quest it is good to search for your material and type then in Microsoft where you can save and alter these as often as necessary. Also, should the internet fail you while uploading documents to your web quest you will not be flung back to zero as you can always copy and paste your document from Microsoft again.

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