Native American Unit



Day 1

Choose Your Tribe (American History)

Today you will decide which tribe of which you want to be a member. You will research your tribe and its relations with the colonists.

Day 2

Take Me to Your Leader (Government)

Before you start out on your journey to unite the tribes either for or against the colonists, you must get permission from your leaders to go. Research the structure of leadership for your tribe and create an organizational chart showing the hierarchy of leadership. You will then write a letter asking for permission to travel to other tribes.

Day 3

Plot Your Course (Geography)

On a blank map of the United States, you will locate your tribe's territory and the tribe's territory that you will be traveling to. You will mark important land features that exist between your location and the other tribe's location. You will then determine the best route to take to get to the other tribe.

Day 4

Danger Ahead (World History)

You are aware that in the past 250 years, Native Americans have had to deal with attempts by several different European nations to take over native territory. You want to be prepared in case your journey takes you into areas that have been conquered by Europeans. You will create a time line of important events in Native American history that involved other countries.

Day 5

You Come Bearing Gifts (Economics)

You understand that in order to convince the other tribe to unite with your tribe, you will have to "pay" its leaders. You will research the items Native Americans used to barter with and, using PowerPoint will create a presentation that will advertise one item you want to use for bartering. An in-class activity will follow.

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