Native American Unit



The colonists have arrived. . .

You are a Native American and until that Columbus guy discovered your country in 1492, your people lived a relatively peaceful existence, with the exception of some tribal skirmishes. Now, it is 250 years later and the colonists have settled along the coastal region of the New World, and tensions are high between these newcomers and a place far away called England.

You are aware that different tribes have different views on the westward expansion of the colonists and you want to attempt to unite the tribes either with the colonists or against the colonists. Your job is to travel to another tribe and attempt to convince its leaders to join your side.

To do this effectively, you will have to research your own tribe's views, where the other tribe is located and how to get there, how best to go about convincing the other tribe, and what actions you will take to either support the colonists or fight the colonists as they move further into Native American territory.

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