Native American Unit



Please refer to the rubric as you complete your assignments, as this will be the basis for your letter grade.

There are 12 assignments in this unit. Each assignment is worth 5 points for a total of  60 points. The quiz is worth 15 points. The entire unit is worth 75 points. The points correspond to the following grades:

68 - 75  A

60 - 67  B

53 - 59  C

45 - 52 D

0 - 44  F

In addition, you will choose one assignment to include in your social studies portfolio. It is suggested that you select your best work, as your portfolio is considered a showcase portfolio, and you want to always include the work that demonstrates your best efforts.

You also have the option of revising one of the assignments before your final grade is issued.

Finally, an extension assignment for extra credit can be completed, but you cannot get a higher grade than 100% for the entire unit. Be prepared to present your idea for an extension assignment to your teacher for approval.

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