Native American Unit




You have successfully prepared for and taken a journey in the Colonial period from the perspective of the Native Americans of the time.

During this unit, you have:

1. Researched a tribe that was prominent in the American territories in the 1700s.

2. Researched the governmental organization of a Native American tribe.

3. Researched the regions where Native Americans lived and created a map to show where at least two Native American tribes were located in Colonial America.

4. Researched the role of various European countries in taking land from the Native Americans and learned how that land eventually became the United States.

5. Researched the economic system known as bartering and created a PowerPoint presentation to advertise an item that was likely used for trade between Native American tribes or between the Native Americans and the colonists.


Now is the time to look back over the unit and think about what you have learned.

Step 1 - Write at least 4 paragraphs in your journal summarizing the lessons in this unit and describing your favorite activity. Also include what you would do differently if you were teaching this unit.

Step 2 - Fill out "L" section on KWL chart from Day 1 with what you have learned in this unit.

Step 3 - Take the quiz on the next page of the Webquest.

Step 4 - Play Hangman to become more familiar with the vocabulary words for this unit. Be prepared for a spelling and vocabulary test before the next unit begins.


If you are interested in learning more about the Native Americans, consider these questions and activities:

1. What would the United States be like today if the Native Americans were given a position in the American government after the revolution?

2. Using the site below, learn how to make a dream catcher, gather supplies, and make one of your own. Bring it to class to discuss.

3. What is a main source of income for Native American tribes today? How does it differ from the bartering system used in the Colonial Days?

4. Write a screenplay based on the scenario presented in this unit. Give your classmates roles in the play and present it to the rest of the class.

5. Immigration is a hot-button issue today. What would have happened if the Native Americans did not allow immigration in the Colonial period?

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