Native American Unit

Process for Day 1 - Choose Your Tribe


Exploratory Introduction

Essential Questions:

1. Why have civilizations succeeded and failed?

2. What factors influenced the development of civilizations and nations?

Process Steps

Step 1 - Pair up with your reading buddy. Print out the attached KWL chart. Write in what you and your partner already know about Native Americans during the Colonial period under the K section. List at least 5 facts each.

Step 2 - With your reading buddy, brainstorm what you would like to learn about Native Americans during the Colonial period and write those ideas under the W section of the chart. List at least 2 items each.

Step 3 - Review the vocabulary for this lesson.

Step 4- Take turns reading The Very First Americans by Cara Ashrose aloud to each other.

Step 5 - In your journal, summarize The Very First Americans in 2 paragraphs or more.


Step 6 - Choose your tribe. Become a virtual member of the Seneca, Shawnee, Delaware, Conestoga, Cherokee, or Iroquois tribes.

Step 7 - Research your tribe. The resources on this page will get you started, but you can use your own resources as well. Create a poster illustrating important aspects of your tribe. Your poster should answer the following questions.

1. Where did your tribe live?
2. Was your tribe friendly or hostile toward the colonists?
3. Were there any major battles involving your tribe?
4. Did your tribe have any special customs or beliefs?
5. Is your tribe still in existence today?
6. How would a member of your tribe be identified?
7. What did members of your tribe live in?
8. If your tribe still exists today, where is its reservation if there is one?
9. Did your tribe specialize in any skill or product?
10. What was the name of one leader from your tribe?

Step 8 - Present your poster to the class.


Step 9 - Print out the attached Venn diagram.

Step 10 - In the circle on the left, write in at least 3 characteristics that are exclusive to Native Americans.

Step 11 - In the circle on the right, write in at least 3 characteristics that are exclusive to the Colonists.

Step 12 - In the area where the circles overlap, write in at least 3 characteristics that belong to both Native Americans and the Colonists.

Step 13 - With your reading buddy, discuss your Venn diagrams and your answers.

Step 14 - In your journal, write 2 paragraphs that compare and contrast the Native Americans with the Colonists using the information from your Venn diagram.

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