Voting Rights




Who's controlling your life and future?

Do you feel that other people are making decisions for you? Are you bothered by restrictive laws for youth? Do the youth of America have a say in this matter?


    Know your individual rights! Become involved! Decisions are made by adults every day that can and will affect your life and your future. Today you have been given the opportunity to change your community by taking on an active role in the governmental decision making process. Rock the vote!

     The National Youth Commission has been established to solicit the viewpoints of today's young people. The commission is seeking out the youth of today to help produce a series of advertisements directed to issues affecting young people. You and your teammates will become a part of national history by effectively contributing your points of view and ideas to the National Youth Commission advertising campaign. The theme of the advertisements will be "Establishing Yourself Today in Yesterday’s World." The purpose is to educate young people about the components and importance of America’s Bill of Rights; and demonstrate how a well researched, persuasive viewpoint can be created about a controversial issue relating to the rights of individuals. You have been selected by the commission to participate in the creation of the Commission’s first advertisement in the series created by youth, for youth!

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