Voting Rights



You have been assigned to a team of 3-4 students.  You and your team will accomplish the following six tasks.  At the end of the six tasks, each team member will be responsible for turning in the task forms packet. 

You will be working as part of a design team to produce your power point ad campaign.  Your team needs to decide who will assume each of the following roles.


--coordinates between group members

--keeps group members on task

--monitors time and speed of work

--ensures continuity between all parts of the power point to produce a polished final product


Chief Researcher

--locates, reads, and records pertinent information from websites


Chief Writer

--composes and types the words for the power point


Graphic Artist

--locate, modify, and inset graphic images (pictures, charts, maps, etc.) into the power point

--creates a visually plesing layout for the entire power point presentation


Task 1 - Analyze the Bill of Rights


Using the links provided, work with your group to locate, research, and discuss the Bill of Rights.  Please take notes as you accomplish your research.


Discuss the information you found on the Bill of Rights with your team.  Compare and contrast your ideas about the Bill of Rights based on the information you have collected.  Create a summary of the Bill of Rights using words or pictures using the "Task 1" form.






Task 2 - Identify the current social/political issues that are connected to constitutional interpertation of the Bill of Rights


Once your group has completed research about the Bill of Rights, begin identifying and researching issues related to the Bill of Rights which are related to today.  Takes notes as you work through your research and create a list of issues that interest you from your investigation.  You may use the following web sites to find information related to today's issues.






As a team, identify two issues that are related to the Bill of Rights.  Remember you may have to compromise on the issues you would like to work on in order to agree upon your team's two issues.  Investigate and analyze those issues and discuss how they relate to the Bill of Rights. When you have enough information, write a new amendment or expand on an existing amendment.  Record your information on the "Task 2" Form.


Task 3 - Examine the records of political representatives for legislation introduced or supported that relates to constitutional issues.


As a team, use the web sites below to research who represents you in the House of Representatives from your district.  Your team will research the bills your representative has voted on during the last session and choose one.  Find out the details of this bill and decide as a team if you would have voted for or against that piece of legslation.  Record your information on the "Task 3" form.





Task 4 - Select a controversial issue affecting today's youth that is related to your team's interperation of the Bill of Rights


Your team will brainstorm important issues that affect today's youth.  Your team will select one issue and relate it to the Bill of Rights.  You will need to gather information about the issue and why people should support your team position on the issue.  You will need two supporting references for your issue.  Record your information on the "Task 4" form.


Some sites to look for research are








Task 5 - Investigate opposing points of view on an issue and formulate a position on the issue


Now your team must find two supporting references in opposition to your team's position on the issue. Record your information on "Task 5" form.  You may use the websites listed above to help your team.


Task 6 - Produce an ad that takes a stand on the chosen issue, informing others of their basic rights, and encourage other young people to become involved.


Now that your team has researched the Bill of Rights, identified your House of Representatives member and researched their voting record, identified an important youth issue, and found support for and against the issue; your team will now create an ad that takes a stand on your youth issue.


1. Your team must decide if you are for or against the youth issue.

2. You must present the issue to your teacher for approval to ensure it is appropriate to discuss in school.

3. Your team will create a Power Point that takes a stand on the youth issue, informs others of their basic rights from the Bill of Rights, and encourages other young people to becomed involved in the political system. 


Your Power Point presentation will be graded using the "Advertisement Presentation" rubric.

Good Luck!!


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