Voting Rights



At the end of this activity you will have learned in detail about the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  You will know how to search for issues related to the Bill of Rights. Also, you will have identified your elected official in the House of Representatives and researched bill(s) your Representative has voted on. Your research skills and knowledge of the Bill of Rights and House of Representatives will assist you in producing an ad stating your team position on a controversial issue affecting youth. This activity will give you an idea about the protections afforded by the Bill of Rights for you and every citizen of our nation. 


As an extension of this activity, consider the following: 

1) When researching issues related the Bill of Rights, were there any issues that kept resurfacing?  Why do you think this happened? 

2) Are there any special interest groups you think you would want to join when you are an adult?

3) Did this activity help you understand your rights as a voting citizen?  If it did, would you consider running for a political office in the future?  Why or why not?

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