Civil War/Reconstruction Project



This project should challenge you as a student-historian to apply your previous knowledge, as well as research skills to create your own narrative. This is not a project to gauge your ability to regurgitate previous lessons. It is meant to challenge you to search for understanding of WHY things happened and what things are overlooked in the process of historical writing.

You will also be challenged to apply the technological resources available to you in such an internet-driven society. You will be able to properly access and navigate a new presentation platform, as well as determine academic resources that are helpful and supportive to your cause.

Below are a couple of helpful links. You are free to address your teacher at any point along the way for research/resource guidance.


Web Link

Web Link

Web Link
  • Research Guide
    Description: A guide to how to properly research a topic. Further questions can be addressed with your instructor.

Web Link
  • iMovie Blog
    Description: An open blog on how to import media into your iMovie. Here, you can see the general overview of how to import media sources into your iMovie production, as well as see what others have said about creating an elaborate iMovie.

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