Civil War/Reconstruction Project



In your groups, you will select a topic within the Civil War/Reconstruction period. It can be something that took place over the course of multiple years, or one singular event that can be deeply investigated. After selecting your topic, you will conduct rigorous research on the content of your topic. The overall goal in this assignment is for you and your group of fellow historians to develop a unique and original perspective of historical events throughout this period. With that in consideration, historiographical research is highly suggested in order to get a clear understanding of the most commonly accepted rhetoric dealing with your topic.

Next, you will begin to develop your presentation using the iMovie software. iMovie is an extremely simple media resource used to create presentations in video form. You are free to include outside media sources such as spreadsheets, data charts, etc. You are required to one short YouTube video reference to play within your video (no more than 2 minutes), and photos to display while you discuss your topic.

Given is a sample structure of a presentation:

  • Introduction

            -In this section group members will introduce themselves as well as their selected topic.

  • Topic information

            -Here you will deliver the bulk of your researched information. Discuss who was involved in your topic, the common rhetoric of your topic, and the significance of your topic in the overview of the Civil War/Reconstruction period. Be              sure to also include notable historians who have written and contributed to the general narrative of your topic.

            -In this section you may display your reference video, as well as topic photos, and data display media, while you and your group members discuss the information you've discovered.

  • Suggested narrative

            -Here, you will communicate the collaborative narrative your group has established through the investigation of your topic. Helpful hint: it's good to ask questions to introduce your new narrative. For example: If my topic was             "Women during the Reconstruction era," I would introduce my narrative as: "What role did African American women play in society during the Reconstruction era?" The sample question asks about a topic that is not commonly             considered when discussing the general reconstruction narrative, and is a good segway to introducing your suggested rhetoric.

            -Your suggested narrative should be clear and concisely support why your topic should be integrated into the general understanding of the Civil War/Reconstruction period.

  • Conclusion

            -Here, you will reiterate the importance of your suggested narrative to the general Civil War/Reconstruction overview. Make sure to include the commonalities and differences between your narrative and the commonly discussed             narrative.

You are not required to follow this example. You are allowed to be as creative as you want. If you wish to present your topic through alternate means (such as a skit or including a survey) make sure your presentation structure is approved by your teacher.

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