Civil War/Reconstruction Project



A common misconception about History is that memorization reflects accomplished learning. A successful historical learner is capable of researching an event or topic, and addressing questions and observations that are not frequently talked about, if at all. The overall task of this assignment is for you to apply collected research in order to structure an original opinion/perspective of historical events. In other words, you should be able to identify a topic, the common rhetoric of a topic, and create a different perspective you believe should be considered when tracking the historical events of your topic.

In presenting your topic through iMovie, you will also familiarize yourself with the vastly opportunistic technological resources available to you in your academic endeavors. The benefit of this assignment is that you can compile multiple media resources into one presentation within the iMovie software. You will have the freedom to select the structure of your presentation, as well as how you would like your topic to be seen.

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