Civil War/Reconstruction Project



There are many topics within the Civil War/Reconstruction period that have not yet been discussed within the general historical narrative. There are also topics that are frequently discussed, but have a repeated rhetoric guiding discussions. In this project, you and a group of two or three historians (classmates) are responsible for selecting a historical topic within the Civil War and Reconstruction narrative. After selecting your topic, you will freely research and retell the story of your topic. For example, if you choose the initial stages of the War as a topic, you are responsible for presenting the "accepted" cause of the war, along with your collaborative suggestion of what caused the war.

Your presentation will be in the form of an iMovie. Your iMovie will include a video of your topic information, as well as external media resources such as a short informational video, and photos related to your topic. You are free to be as creative as necessary with your topic selection and your media references. Your video could be as complex as a demonstrative skit, or as simple as a guided presentation. Creativity will be considered in your overall project grade.

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