Civil War/Reconstruction Project



Referenced below is the grading rubric for your presentation along with an explanation of the components. The four different components of your presentation will combine for a possible 100 points for your overall project grade.


# Grading Components Explanation Points Available Points Earned Score
Creativity Is your presentation aesthetically appropriate? Keep in mind I will not deduct points for ATTEMPTED creativity. I will however, doc points if your presentation is sloppily put together. 25 --/25 --
Media Inclusion Is your presentation equipped with multiple media resources? If so, do your resources contextualize your information as well as provide a relevant visual depiction of your topic? 25 --/25 --
Topic Information Is there clearly researched information on the topic of your group's choosing? Is your research beyond a surface level understanding? How does the research you've discovered contribute to the commonly discussed narrative of your topic? 25 --/25 --
Original Narrative Is the story you tell of your topic different from the common rhetoric? What are the commonalities? What are the differences? Why do you think your narrative is not frequently discussed within the context of your overall topic? 25 --/25 --

Total Score: 100

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