The Super 7: Seven Skills for Health and Wellness



Congratulations Super Teens!

This is the PERFECT time to ask yourself a few questions:
  • What have I learned about myself?
  • What have I learned about my health?
  • How can I share my new understanding with my friends and those I care about?
In the course of this WebQuest, you served as teammate, student, resource person and teacher, roles that will continue throughout your lifetime.

Each group challenged themselves to explore and explain a Risk Factor that takes the lives of Teens just like yourselves everyday all over the United States. Regardless of economics, race, gender, every Teen has Super Skills to develop that have the ability to protect, enhance and potentially save their lives or of the life of someone they care about. THIS is the Knowledge implied in the phrase "Knowledge is power".

In your self-evaluation, be sure to share how your experience shaped the ideas, beliefs and behaviors that define who you are and how you live. In what ways do you plan to take action on the knowledge you have acquired and the wisdom you have cultivated in your journey. Your honesty about your experience during the Super 7 Project will help us improve it for the future.

Email any feedback, photos and links to Ms. Kelly at dwckelly@gmail.com

Thank you for your courageous efforts!
Your SuperSkills will follow and assist you for the rest of your life. Enjoy and Live Well!!!

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