The Super 7: Seven Skills for Health and Wellness

Evaluation & Scoring


Hard Work Pays Off!

This project is designed to enable each student to use his or her unique skills, cultural perspective, experiences, and prior knowledge to their full potential.

There are several elements to achieve success, and several milestones toward this end.

  • Group Contribution and Participation
  • Individual Research and Resource Report
  • Group Paper and Presentation
  • Self-management, Evaluation and Meeting Milestones

Due dates for each SuperSeven Project Elements are listed on the Process Page. You are encouraged to take full advantage of the planning and learning tools provided on the Tasks and Tools page.

BE ON TIME!!!! Since this project is about real-life, failing to reach milestones will have real penalties.


# Subpar Safe Standout Stellar Score
Research and Resource Report Did not submit or more than three days late. Demographic information missing or lacking. Narrative too short to show connections or understanding. Resource report poorly done or incomplete Demographics presented with table or chart. Narrative incomplete or poorly done. Resource report complete, mostly surface interpretation or analysis. Demographics given with chart/table and well -developed narrative paragraph. Resource report shows clarity, focus and thoughtful evaluation. Connections and application are many 35% of Individual Grade
Group Participation and Presentation Group did not display unity and/or teamwork. Work product did not meet full task requirements. Poor attendance. Student progress reports poorly done or missing. Informative presentation, may be lacking in energy or depth. Group members struggled to work together, leadership and/or unity lacking. Inconsistent attendance or contribution of group members. Group worked well together in class work sessions. Member attendance exceeded 75% Full participation of each member. Presentation was entertaining and engaging. Full participation and engagement of every group member. Task division enabled success of each group member. Teamwork, mutual support and progress evident in each work session observation. Weekly project updates submitted on time. 30% Individual Grade, 40% of Group Grade
Group Research Paper Sections of paper are incomplete or lacking in relevance, application and/or connections to real-life situations of the Average Adolescent Each section shows effort, but may lack continuity or presence of either relevance, application, connection or diversity. Wide range of perspectives presented through demographics and online research. Significant elements present with well-constructed narratives. Visuals provided whenever appropriate. Well-crafted paper. Very few formatting errors, if any. Information presented with insight, connections and fluidity of ideas and writing. Colorful, bold graphic design elements. 20% Individual Grade, 40% Group Grade
Self-Management: Self-evaluation, Deadlines and Task Requirements Task elements missing. Met less than TWO deadlines. Met every task element. Late on most deadlines. Met or exceeded safe standards on two or more elements. Met most deadlines on time. Met or exceed Standout performance on most every element. Met every deadline. 20% of Group and 15% ofIndividual grades

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