The Super 7: Seven Skills for Health and Wellness

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Adolescent years are a time for exploration, with many mysteries to solve and questions to resolve. Changes to the way we look, feel, think and act can often be the source of stress and anxiety. The decisions we make shape the future course of our lives in ways that may not manifest until well into our adult lives.

In any journey one needs a road map, survival skills, curiosity, courage, wisdom and tools to aid them. Likewise in the journey to develop good health and optimize our Quality of Life toward the future, you need the Super Seven.

Young people have the greatest power to reach and educate other young people. With the right knowledge base and a little creativity - youth are often the BEST suited to educate their friends.

Together, we have studied many issues related to Health and Wellness.

It is YOUR turn to become the teachers. 

The Plan:

Over the next FIVE weeks, you will become the expert on your SuperSkill.

Each group will "Explore and Exlpain" one of the Seven Target Skills for Health and Wellness, in order to create a new resource for educating the "Average Adolescent" on what they can do to improve their lives, and secure future longevity.

In order to teach others about the subject - you must become knowledgeable people in your own right who can share what you learn in a CLEAR, SIMPLE, EASY to UNDERSTAND manner.

Resources at your disposal:

  • Planning resources: Group Planning and Student Planning Worksheets
  • Internet sites for Health-related organizations including: Gay Men's Health Crisis, World Health Organization and Planned Parenthood
  • You tube videos: Teensource.org and others
  • Learning Tools: Graphic organizers to help you sort, connect and display information you discover.
  • Teachers: Ms. Kelly will support with logistical and other details as needed - send questions and concerns to : dwckelly@gmail.com
The Product:
Group Research Report and Class Presentation on your SuperSkill
Each group presentation will become a booth at the Fall Teen Health Summit to be held during Finals week at DeWitt Clinton High School.

Good Luck, Do Your Best!

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