The Super 7: Seven Skills for Health and Wellness



Part 1
- Group interaction/contribution -
(25% Individual Grade; 35% Group Grade)

Plan: You will have FIVE in-class sessions to work together with your group. Teachers are there for guidance and support only. You are being graded on your attendance and contribution during these planning sessions. In the case of deadlock or tied voting within your group, a teacher may serve as moderator in the group's effort to resolve the situation and proceed. Each member of the group will submit a Student Planning Sheet by the end of each group work session.  Planning documents are located on the Tasks & Tools page. The Chairman will maintain a running log of milestones set and achieved - reporting the following day to the teacher(s),

Due date: Outline/overview of Group Project due Friday of Week 2

Required Resources (every group member must view these resources as the starting point for the research section of this project.)
  • Websites: Healthy People 2020, GoAskAlice
  • Video: You Tube: Adolescent Health Concerns, The Adolescent Brain

Group Roles and Responsibilities

Chairman (Leader)
  • Coordinate schedule
  • Locate/distribute supplies
  • Facilitate group work sessions

Reporter (Representative)
  • Coordinate Presentation
  • Prepare group work session updates
  • Maintain internal group communication

Recorder (Typist)
  • Type and format group report
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Assemble and format group presentation

Recorder/Reporter #2 - If there is a 5th group member, that student should coordinate with the group Reporter and Recorder, splitting the responsibilities three ways

Designer (Visual/Media)

  • Prepare visual/media elements for group presentation
  • Creative coordinator for "Super Seven Skill Sheet" handout

Be On Time!!!! Penalty: 1/2 grade per day

Part 2 - Individual Resource Report
(25% individual grade) 
The Plan: You must use two required web and video resources from the Project/Process page. You must also discover another of each that relate to your SuperSkill and/or Risk Factor.

Describe your source and evaluate its usefulness, language, message and presentation from your perspective as health student. How would the "Average Adolescent" respond to this resource? Would you recommend it? For what group do you feel it most relevant/appropriate? Responses should be at least one paragraph long for each resource.

You must also research and provide demographic information about your neighborhood, including but not limited to: median household income, %rental/%home ownership, crime statistic and 2010 Census data. Research on group topic and the potential benefits of developing their SuperSkill during Adolescence is the prime point.

* Neighborhood information and one discovered resource will be donated to Sections 2 and 4 of the Group Paper

Due date: Resource reports must be submitted in class or via email to dwckelly@gmail.com on or before Monday of Week 3

Part 3 - Group Presentation and Paper (20% individual grade; 25% of group grade)

The Plan:
Each of you will take responsibility to coordinate one section of the group paper. Group consensus (coming to an agreement amongst yourselves) will dictate how the sections are divided. (20% of individual grade, 25% of group grade) 
* Group Paper breakdown in attached document
The Product: Each group must create a 10-minutepresentation to teach the class about their SuperSkill using visual and/or multimedia. This project must be geared to the Average Adolescent,  appropriate/engaging enough to display for your class Teen Health Summit. (20% of individual, 30% group grade)

Part 4 - Self-Management: Self-evaluation, Deadlines and Task Requirements (20% individual grade, 15 % of group grade)

The Reality:
You are being graded on your ability to manage your time, be proactive with yourself and as a contributing member of a team. These are requirements that people are graded on in every area of their lives, whether they are aware of it or not.

***Questions for Student Self-reflection will be distributed to each group at the conclusion of group presentation. 
Due Date: After Teen Health Summit (Presentations) Concludes

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