Can feudalism be used as an effective form of government?

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As with all webquests, it is imperative that student's create a product that demonstrate their learning.  I have chosen the flipbook as a way for students to take notes, though you might choose something else.  Because this is meant to be an activity that occurs over several classes, a quiz has been included as a way of identifying students who are not staying on tasked/focused.  It is meant to be open note, as a way to encourage students to take quality notes.

There are a couple of things you need to consider if you are to use/adapt this webquest:

1) For starters, please give credit where credit is due.  I have no problem with you adapting this but don't go claiming it as your own.
2) There are a lot of resources here and undoubtedly some of the links will decay with time (i.e. stop working).  Be sure to check each link so that you know what resources will be available to your students.
3) Because there are a lot of resources students can use, the potential for students (especially students with learning disabilities) to get overwhelmed exists.  If this becomes an issue, I recommend that you select one or two resources in advance from each section for them to focus on.  In other words, help them focus their research.  The other possibility is to divide this assignment up as a group project.

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