Can feudalism be used as an effective form of government?



Before you examine how it is you will be graded you should first understand why we are doing this assignment in the first place.  The Medieval Era is a fascinating period of time!  It is in this time that King Arthur is said to have created a band of warriors known as the Knights of the Round Table.  It is a time of castles and Crusades, of chivalry and jousting.  All of a sudden, Europe goes from being the top of the civilization food chain to the bottom, only to rise back to the top with time.  In short, this is once again the story of us: people are living the good life, go through some hard times, and have to work hard to regain their success.  What's more, humans will learn from the experiences of the Medieval Era and will grow tremendously as a result. 

With this in mind, your task is to create a flipbook with all the information you could ever need to know about the Medieval Era.  HAVE FUN WITH THIS.  Yes, it is a grade and yes it is work, but this should be something that you can enjoy learning about.  After all, not everyone get's to go back in time.  You have the opportunity to explore this time period in your own way and come to your own conclusions.  Own those conclusions and be proud of the work that leads you to them.  Be creative with how you present your findings.


# A B C D or F Score
Research Accurate, applicable, and extensive research combined with insightful historic interpretation. Accurate and applicable research combined with some historic interpretation. Some additional research present. Researches only the guiding questions. Accurate sufficiently addresses necessary topics. Content provided insufficiently addresses topics, demonstrating little research. 50
Organization Information is very well organized, with topics flowing naturally from one to the other. Clear handwriting. Information is organized into well written sentences. Ideas and research are connected. Neat handwriting. Information is sufficiently organized, though room for improvement exists. Legible handwriting. Information is disorganized and/or presented in incomplete sentences. Handwriting is difficult to read. 15
Creativity Creatively presented, engaging, and informative. Creative elements interwoven with the information presented. Some elements of creativity added to the flipbook. No significant attempts at creativity were added to the creation of the flipbook. 10
Flyer or Essay The essay/flyer exceeds expectations. Demonstrates an informed evaluation of feudalism and supports its point of view with historical evidence. The essay/flyer is successfully completed. It contains an evaluation of feudalism and includes some historical support. The essay/flyer is completed. It has a evaluation of feudalism, though that evaluation could be improved. The essay/flyer is either incomplete or does not sufficiently evaluate feudalism as a political system. 25

Total Score: 100

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