Can feudalism be used as an effective form of government?

Mission Report: Introduction


Welcome to the future...

"It can't get any worse."  That's what they said.  That's what they said when the market collapsed.  That's what they said when a world-wide plague struck, reducing the world's population from 8.3 billion to 5.6 billion.  That's what they said when the nations of the world went to war.  But when the bombs fell on major cities all over the world...on that terrible and terrifying day...stunned silence was all that could be heard.

We live in a dark time...a time of CHAOS AND ANARCHY.  A time in which survival has become a daily struggle.  Warlords who have amassed fighting forces seek only to control more land, more power, and more people.  They target whoever stands in their way: men, women, and children.

And yet in these dark times there is a glimmer of hope, shining like a light: you.  You are humanity's last hope.  We are sending you on a dangerous but necessary mission.  You see, just recently we uncovered the last time machine built by Dr. Chronos.  It has enough power for only one time jump.  Now, I know what you're thinking, "Let's just go back and prevent all that bad stuff from happening."  That's not the way it works unfortunately.  There is just too much to fix with one time jump.  And humanity had this coming.  No, if humanity hopes to survive, there is only one possible destination for this mission: Medieval Europe.

Hurry, get into the time machine; we've got no time to waste.  Don't worry about directions, all you need to know is described in detail in the other sections of your Mission Report.  Good luck...we're counting on you.


Dual of Fates by John Williams

Description: To set the mood...

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