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First, students will identify the cultural aspects of food within their hometown. What food is popular? Why is fast food popular? What are several similarities between various fast food chains?


Second, students will investigate the cultural aspects of food in Spain. What are the main dishes? What are the restaurants like? Are there many fast food chains in Spain as well? Are they the same as the ones in the U.S.?


Third, students will examine the Spanish websites of McDonald's (www.mcdonalds.es) and Pizza Hut (www.pizzahut.es) in order to accomplish the following:


-learn and identify specific food vocabulary
-put this vocabulary in a real world application
-learn about the history of these establishments in Spain
-identify the initial differences between the chains in U.S. and Spain


Fourth, students will look at the menu items offered by Konopizza (http://www.konopizza.es/web/), a European franchise that is taking off in Spain, and address the idea of this product being served in the U.S.

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