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This webquest is used to help students obtain an outlook on the culture of a Spanish-speaking country as well as learn and/or master new vocabulary regarding food, jobs, and the workplace. The following objectives from the Mississippi Foreign Language Curriculum Framework (2000) can be accomplished over the course of this webquest.


1.a - Give and follow simple instructions in order to participate in age-appropriate classroom and/or cultural activities.

1.d - Exchange descriptions of people and tangible products of the target culture, such as toys, dress, types of dwellings, and foods.

5.a - Identify and observe tangible products of the culture.

9.c - Compare and contrast tangible products (e.g., toys, sports equipment, food) of the target culture and the students’ own.


Materials Needed:

Computers with internet connection

Handouts with questions regarding websites


Students will need to have acquired a basic knowledge of some food vocabulary (meats, vegetables, fruits, etc).


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