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Individual Section Questions

Answers align with information from website /30

Clear, effective presentation of material /10

Participation of all group members /10

Total /50


Final Project

Comparative and contrastive analysis of food (specifically fast food chains) in United States and Spain


Modifications (with explanation) to Konopizza to adapt to students' culture

Total /60




For students to close out the activity, have them share the changes and reasons for these changes that they think should/would need to be made for Konopizza (or another similar restaurant) to move and be successful in their hometown. Have them reflect upon the need to change based on the values and traditions of a culture. 

In conclusion, students use several internet resources to compare and contrast the fast food culture in the United States and Spain. The knowledge that is acquired regarding food in Spain is applied to make changes to a restaurant so that it can be successful in the United States.

Additional Resources: 

-SUBWAY en España 



-STARBUCKS en España



-BURGER KING en España


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