Can feudalism be used as an effective form of government?

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Question #1

Which of the following preceded the Medieval Era of Europe?

Question #2

Besides peasant, what are two other designations for the lowest class of the Medieval Era.

Question #3

While the ____________ provided land to to the knights, the ____________ provided food and services to the knights.

Question #4

Which of the following lists the social classes of the Medieval Era in order from least important to most important?

Question #5

True or False: The peasant class was the most populated of the four major social classes of the time.

Question #6

While most landowners were ____________, the people who worked the land were usually ____________.

Question #7

The Black Death changed the face of Medieval Europe most notably because

Question #8

The main objective of the first four Crusades was to

Question #9

The effect of the Great Schism was to

Question #10

Can Feudalism effectively organize and run a government based on your reading so far?

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