Describe Your City/Country Using Descriptive Essay and Video Description



In this section you will be guided to finish yourtask. You will be guided from the beginning, looking for thewebsite resource about the definition of descriptive essay and video description, until thelast task, uploading your task to Facebook and YouTube.

Step 1:

Browse someinformation about how the best way in creating descriptive essay and video inInternet. There are many websites which prepare some explanation about what isdescriptive essay and what is video description. Moreover, there are manywebsites which give us information about how the best way in making descriptiveessay and video description. You can search that information in the link onthis webquest or you can search in the other website.







Step 2:

Look for someinformation about your city/country that you needed to create the description.For example take some information about the facilities like recreation park,central park, shopping center, or maybe you can take information about theculture of your city/country. In this second step you may need to take somepictures or photo in order to help you make the description of yourcity/country.

Step 3:

After you havegot some information that it is needed to help you in creating descriptiveessay of your city/country, you can begin to create you description about youcity/country. Make sure to describe all of the beautiful sides from yourcity/country. And make sure to describe carefully so that the reader (yourfriends from social media) understand your description comprehensively.

In this webquestthere are some links of the example of descriptive essay. You can click thelink in this following step to help you understand about the example ofdescriptive essay.





Step 4:

 Make description of your city/country invideo. You can make the video for just display your picture, without thebackground of your city/country. Itís maybe a simple video. For better video,you can make descriptive video by displaying background of your city/country.Itís mean that you will act like a reporter who reports situation of thecity/country. It will help you to practice your speaking skill. Moreover, bydisplaying the background of your city/country, your friends will understandabout the description of your city/country easily. Please make your video about 5 minutes. Donít maketoo long video because your friends will be bored to watch your video if youmake too long video.

Before you beginto create your video description, you can watch the example of the videodescription on this following step.



Step 5:

Upload your descriptive essay and video in Facebookor YouTube. Share with your friends from social media. Try to get the commentor like sign from your friends from social media. If you get many comments orlike signs from your friends, it means that your description is clear enough.


exampleof video description

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