Describe Your City/Country Using Descriptive Essay and Video Description




Now you have finished this WebQuest and complete your task. You should have a better understanding about descriptive essay and video description. I hope that you will apply the task in this WebQuest in real life. Uploading your description to internet, like Facebook or YouTube, can be a media for sharing information about your city/country to the world. You and your friends from social media can share each other and then you can learn about the others countries. When you get some information about the countries which isnít known before, you can enlarge your horizon about the other countries. Moreover, by uploading description of your city/country to internet, you will enable to promote your city/country to the world.

Nice job! Your performance in making descriptive essay and video description of your city/country in this WebQuest is excellent. Thanks for your coming and playing in this WebQuest.

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