Describe Your City/Country Using Descriptive Essay and Video Description



Mostly students have ever join in social media. They maybe have friends from the other country. Sometime the students want to known about their friend' s country, and sometimes they want to share the information about their country to their friends from social media. It may become an interesting activities because the students can practice their writing skill in making descriptive essay. On the other hand, students also will able to practice their speaking in making a video about the description of their country.
This WebQuest will guide the students to make a description of their city/country by creating descriptive essay and descriptive video. In this WebQuest there are many resource that can help the student to make their description easily.
Using descriptive essay and descriptive video about city/country, students and their social media's friend can sharing each other about the description of their city/country. They can learn about the others cities/countries so that they can enlarge their horizon about the others countries.

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