Describe Your City/Country Using Descriptive Essay and Video Description



Your grade will be determined based on the content of your descriptive essay and video description. The comment and like sign from your friend also influence of the score.


# Poor Average Good Excellent Score
Structure and grammar of the descriptive essay. Having many mistake in grammar and the structure of descriptive essay. Create descriptive essay with good structure but have some mistakes in grammatical. There is no grammatical mistake but their paragraph is not structural. There is no grammatical and structural mistake. 40
Content of descriptive essay. He just makes a description on one aspect. Maybe he just tells about culture or maybe just on the facilities of his city/country. He describes more than one aspect but he doesnít describe completely. He just tells his city/country simply in each aspect so that there is some information which still passed by the reader. He has described all of the aspect in his city/country but he doesn't yet explore and show all of the information in his city/country. His description is completely described. He describes in all aspect of his city/country. He gives some information in his description so that the readers donít let pass the information of his city/country. 10
Create a good video description. He doesn't have confidence in speaking so that his video can't make the audience understand with the description. His speaking is enough, but he can transfer his description clearly so that the audience don't understand very well. His speaking is good enough and the audience understand with the description, but his video is not attractive because he make the video without background of the city. His video is very attractive and interesting because he make the video using background of the city. Moreover, his speaking is very well so that the audience understand with the description clearly. 40
Comment and like sign. There is no one who comment or give like sign to his essay or video. There are some friends who give comment but not a good comment. He get critic because his description is not clear enough. There are some like signs but less than 5 There are many good comment and like sign at least 15 friends. 10

Total Score: 100

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