Surviving The Great Depression

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This WebQuest has been created for middle school students, but could be adapted for 6th grade.


Differential Learners - Adjust the report requirements, provide extra help on which resources would best suit their role.

Advanced Learners - Encourage students to produce more information, and be creative towards extra credit.


Missouri Show-Me Standards:

  • Communication Arts 1 - Speaking and writing standard English (including grammar, usage, punctuation,spelling,capitalization)
  • Communication Arts 3 - Reading and evaluating nonfiction works and material (such as biographies, newspapers, technical manuals).
  • Communication Arts 6 - Participating in formal and informal presentations and discussions of issues and ideas.
  • Social Studies 3 - Principles and processes of governance systems.
  • Social Studies 5 - The major elements of geographical study and analysis (such as location, place, movement, regions) and their relationships to change in society and environment.
  • Social Studies 6 - Relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions.


National Education Technology Standards for Students:

  • 1A - Students understand a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.
  • 2A - Students understand the ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to technology.
  • 3A - Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
  • 5A - Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
  • 5C - Students evaluate and select new information resources and technological innovations based on the appropriateness for specific tasks.



WebQuest inspired by "The Great Depression" by Tricia Long

Images provided by Google images, Dorthea Lange photography, and family photos.


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