Surviving The Great Depression



To accomplish your assignment you will have to research information and submit the source for approval before being used. You can use information from books, newspaper or magazine articles, and websites. Websites that I provided below do not require prior approval before usage.

Your team will have a choice of four assignment locations:

  1. Agricultural Analyst - This agent will be sent to the Great Plains to report on the status of the agricultural situation.Research information in relation to how they plant crops, how did they dry up, and what solutions can be put in place to correct the problem. You will also be required to produce information on topics such as Okies, and the Dust Bowl.
  2. Labor Analyst - This agent will be sent to major cities of the nation to report on the status of the unemployment rate, and what effect that rate has on the nation. You will also be required to detail information related to Hoversville, labor migration, "alphabet agencies" to promote employment, and what is being accomplished from those agencies.
  3. Economic Analyst - This agent will be required to research the economic stability of the nation, what caused the economic instability, and what can be done to correct the issue, topics required to research will be, Black Thursday-Black Tuesday, banks, personal finances, and industry income/expenses.
  4. Political Analyst - There is a new plan in place by our president "The New Deal", and this agent will be required to research what The New Deal is, and how the nation is implementing this plan to meet the standards of our government. Topics you will be required to report on will be President Hoover, President Roosevelt, The New Deal.

Steps for the assignment:

  1. You will be teamed up in your groups of four, and the team members will determine what role they want to take.
  2. Research sources for your information and submit them prior to using them.
  3. We will be working on the project daily during the allotted subject period and I will provide time for team cooperation.
  4. Each team member will write a 2-3 page report, double spaced, 12pt. font, with information, statistics, and quotes that is relevant to your assigned role.
  5. Each team member will maintain a journal of their experiences and suggest a solution to the related problem. Five 1/2 page journal entries minimum.
  6. The team will work on a presentation of all the information, pictures, quotes, etc. that you have researched and present them to the class during an oral presentation. You may use your combined reports and journal entries to develop your presentation.
  7. All individual reports and journal entries will be submitted to me right before you present your presentation to the class.

Research suggestions:

Great Depression in the United States

Wall Street Crash of 1929

The Great Depression: A Brief Overview

Roosevelt and the New Deal

Photographs of The Great Depression

The 1930's, Prices, Culture, Events

Surviving the Dust Bowl



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