Surviving The Great Depression



Close your eyes, take yourself back 70 years in the past to a place where hope for some is only in the dreams of children. Instead of waiting in line to be the first to get that new gadget, or tickets for a new act in town, you are trying to fend off hunger for one more day. Take a walk up and down the streets and you will see families sell their car for next to nothing, hear the repetitive phrase "Brother, can you spare a dime?", or speak of hope in California where food can just be picked off trees.

You have been relocated to a time in our nation's history known as The Great Depression. The cause was from many sources, yet was set in motion from the stock market crash on "Black Thursday" in 1929.

You are all U.S. Federal Agents under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is your job to analyze the situation in the country and report back to the president's advisers known as the "Brain Trust". Because of the nature of the assignment, your team has been given a choice of assignment locations. Details will be in your document folder marked as classified. Good Luck.

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