Bullying in Physical Ed.

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This web quest is an easy online lesson to use to teach about bullying.  It should take about two days to teach this lesson to the students. This web quest includes fun, interesting and logical facts about bullying that will make a great impact on all students. It can be a touchy topic, but it is a very important topic to teach in any classroom. Students will benefit from the vast amount of knowledge they will gain and they will be able to teach their family and friends about it as well. This web quest is easily located with access to the internet from home, at school, the library, or a friends house on any electronic device whether the desktop computer, a laptop, an iPad, or even a cell phone. Web quests are fun, easy and a great way to engage students no matter if they are in general education or special education. 


Sunshine State Standards:
Description: Students will be able to introduce the concepts of bullying and violence during the time of physical education. They will learn to stop the bullying and learn how to address the issues before it gets out of hand.
Grades 3-5
Common Core Standards:
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.3.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.3.2 Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea.
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.4.2 Determine the main idea of a text and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize the text.
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.5.7 Draw on information from multiple print or digital sources, demonstrating the ability to locate an answer to a question quickly or to solve a problem efficiently.
Grades 3-5


Common Core Standards
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Sunshine State Standards
1. http://studentservices.dadeschools.net/bullying/pdfs/lessons/3gr/L2_3gr.pdf
2. http://studentservices.dadeschools.net/bullying/pdfs/lessons/3gr/L3_3gr.pdf
3. http://studentservices.dadeschools.net/bullying/pdfs/lessons/3gr/L5_3gr.pdf

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