Bullying in Physical Ed.



Follow this Rubric carefully to see how your grades are being determined when doing your assignments, presentations and performing your tasks individually and in groups.


# Poor - 1 pt Satisfactory - 2 pts Very Good - 4 pts Excellent - 5 pts Score
Attendance & Attentive. Present but not paying any attention to the lesson, clowning around and disrupting class. Present, listening and following the rules. Present, paying attention, interested in the assignments and giving feedback. Present, very focused in the lesson, listens well and participates in all required assignments. 5 points
All Assignments Must Be Completed. Missing a lot of information, grammatical errors, very unclear, messy and late work. Not enough detail, consistency in subject, little grammatical errors and on-time with work. Neat work, clear information, no grammatical errors and turn in work on-time. No grammatical errors, very neat work, on-time, very clear and precise in information. A very hard worker. 5 points
Working & Participating in Groups. Not participating in the group, lacking interest in the discussions and very disruptive. Participating in the group discussions, giving some feedback and communicates with group members. Working with the group, is focused in the group discussions, shares ideas and communicates well. Group Leader, gives great ideas, always participating, very interested in the discussions and communicates very well. 5 points
Presenters & Group Presentation. No eye contact with audience, presentation very distracting and have too much going on and lacking important information. Not speaking loud enough, stutters a bit, eye contact with audience, good information, clear details and gets the class interested. Speaks great, good eye contact with audience, gets point across, entertainment is good enough and clear with accurate details. Outstanding Presentation: Great eye contact with audience, keeps audience entertained, loud speaking voices, good postures, great hand movements, speaks professionally, presents with confidence and most importantly, gets the point across. 5 points

Total Score: 20 points

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