Bullying in Physical Ed.



1st Step- Gather into groups assigned and then discuss to each other if you have been a victim, how you solved the problem and how it affected you.

2nd Step- Complete the individual activity assignment provided “Characters in Conflict” by filling in the victim’s name,the bully’s name, the bystander’s name, the place, the conflict and how you solved the issue. Then, write on the lines a brief paragraph of how you can prevent and stop bullying from happening and the consequences it brings into the victim’s life.

3rd Step- Complete Handout #2, "This is What Triggers Me...". This handout activity is where you will learn a little about yourself by seeing what things causes you to get easily triggered especially when someone else like a bully tries to push you to your limits and cause you to get mad very easily. 

4th Step- Complete Handout #3, "Hypothetical Bullying Scenarios". This handout activity gives real life situations that you may encounter at school in the hallway or in the classroom. Think critically about each scenario like if it happened to you and explain in details what you would do in each situation. 

 5th Step- Complete Handout #4, "Bullying". In this handout activity, you will look at the pictures provided and with the vocabulary that goes with the pictures and label the words into the 3 categories listed. 

6th Step- Complete Handout #5, "Conflict Vs Bullying". This last activity is where you will look at each statements on the handout and write whether it is considered bullying or a conflict and explain why. 

7th Step- After completing all 5 assignments, the brief questionnaire and watching the two videos, get into your assigned groups and share ideas on how to do a presentation on the “Characters in Conflict” handout. Think about how you would react if you ever got caught in this bullying situation and how to solve the problem without anyone getting hurt. This requires critical thinking strategies.

8th Step- At the end of the presentation, you will tell me your feedback based on your friend’s and your personal experience of what, how and why your willing to STOP and make a change in school Bullying.

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