Bullying in Physical Ed.



When it comes down to bullying, you are either: the bully, the victim or the bystander. What role do you play? Bullying starts off very simple like when a person starts to pick on other people just because they want to, they are smarter, they are bigger and they are even low in self-esteem. In many schools, there are many victims who do not know what to do because the bully is always in their conscious. Then, there are the ones who are called the bystander who do nothing but watch and let things get out of proportion instead of stopping the situation. During this lesson, you will know why it is very important for you to not bully anyone and the consequences that the victim will encounter. You will get into groups and discuss your experiences with bullying and then do individual assignments dealing with the Characters in Conflict and other types of activities giving a 2-5 minute demonstration of the issue. With multiple hands-on activities, interacting in group discussions and group presentations, you will have the knowledge, the confidence, the understanding, the mentality and the courage to know the importance of why you should STOP bullying and how to help make changes in other students' lives. Before we start the lesson, you will have a quick bullying questionnaire to answer. This feedback will let me know your prior knowledge on the subject matter and if you have encountered any bullying situations. 


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