Cinderella: Stories from Around the World

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*This lesson was developed as part of the Bloomsburg University Graduate Education "Internet for Teachers" online class. This WebQuest was composed by: Ashley Gregory

WebQuest details:

Grave Level- 2nd Grade (can further be adapted for the 3-5 grade levels by increasing complexity with geographical identification and higher-level thinking questions).

Topic- "Cinderella Across the World": An Analysis of Four Different Versions


Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening-

1.2.2. Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Text: 1.2.2.C: Identify essential and nonessential information within and across a variety of texts; 1.2.2.D: Make inferences from text when studying a topic (e.g., science, social studies) and draw conclusions, citing evidence from the text to support answers.

1.3.2 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature: Fiction and Non-Fiction: 1.3.2.C: Identify literary elements (characters, setting, and plot) in selected readings.

1.6.2 Speaking and Listening: 1.6.2.A: Listen actively and respond to others in small and large group situations - Respond with grade level appropriate questions, ideas, information, or opinions.

1.8.2 Research: 1.8.2.A: Generate questions and locate answers about a specific topic.


7.1.3 Basic Geographic Literacy: 7.1.3.B: Identify and locate places and regions as defined by physical and human features.

Purpose: To expose students to the many different varieties of the Cinderella story; To challenge students to understand that one story can be told from many different perspectives, cultures, and ethnicities; To encourage students to embrace ethnicities and multicultural attributes; To expose students to beginning geographical benchmarks they will encounter in 3rd grade; To provide students with a variety of technological software, websites, and images that they can navigate in an easy-to-use manner.

Objective(s): Upon completion of this Webquest and while using an online graphic organizer software application, the student(s) will be able to construct a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting two of the Cinderella stories discussed; Upon completion of the Webquest, the student(s) will be able to identify the names and common story structure (setting, characters, plot, conclusion) of each of the four Cinderella stories.  Upon completion of the Webquest and while using a map print-out, the student(s) will identify and label each of the four geographical locations that the four Cinderella stories originated from.

Special Thanks: To Dr. Pastore of Bloomsburg University to opening up my eyes to the power of WebQuests when used in educational settings. To all of the educational videos, print-outs, web sites, and software applications used through this WebQuest (proper credit is given under the Resources tab of each page).

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