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Help Me Decide!

Dear Students,

I need your help! The other 2nd grade teachers decided on the topic of "Cinderella" for our class play. I started to research and learned that there are MANY different versions of Cinderella stories that revolve around an ordinary person transforming from rags (poor) to riches (wealthy). I am convinced that our American Cinderella story is the best one to choose! We have read our American Cinderella story in class, but did you know that countries all over the world have their very own Cinderella stories? And to my 2nd grade boys, can you believe that there are versions of a MALE Cinderella? This Webquest will allow your group to learn more about four Cinderella stories from all different countries. At the "Conclusion" of the WebQuest, you will find a list of all of the available Cinderella stories. Feel free to take a look and see where each story originated from. Finally, when you complete the WebQuest, your group will answer the following question:

Which Cinderella story should we use for our 2nd grade class play?

A. American Cinderella

B. Egyptian Cinderella

C. Mexican Cinderella

D. Chinese Cinderella

E. Our own, class-written, Cinderella story

 Be prepared to explain why your group chose that answer. Let's get started!

Best of Luck,

Miss Gregory

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